Getting Started Speedlight

Getting Started, Speedlight Workshop


– Want to get a safe start with your speedlight?

Learn how to take control of your speedlight step-by-step.

You will be taught how to approach the use of a speedlight in various situations, with and without available light. We will go through -and you will get to try- different lighting technics on a professional model.

At the end of this 2 hour long class you will be confident in how to approach the use of a speedlight in your next photo shoot. This class is about taking control of your speedlight, realise and explore the wonderful world the use of speedlight offers.

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You will be introduced to basic camera and photography language terms, basic posing, tips and tricks of what to look out for.

Course Details

  • TTL vs. Manual Mode
  • Light;
    – Contrast
    – Angle
  • Basic Light Set-ups
  • The Zone-System
  • Inverse Square Law
  • Guide Numbers
  • Catch Light
  • Fill Light
  • Key Light
  • with more

Limited slots available!

Dates and locations available:

Please specify in your booking which date you would like to attend.

Date: Please email and request a date.
Time: Mornings and Evenings
Where: Pha Homestead
72 Hillsborough Rd,
Hillsborough, Auckland 1345


What do I need?

Pen and paper, feel free to bring your own camera and your own flash on the day – and a big smile 🙂 If the weather is looking unstable bring a raincoat!** Coffee on me to start with.

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Feedback from previous students

Thanks Ida for giving such a useful tips on how to control DSLR in manual mode. I had no clue how that works by the end of my first lesson I have already gained very useful tips on how to control shutter speed/aperture and ISO and other useful tips. I must say her knowledge and experience in photography is quite vast. She also gave me very useful advise to buy my DSLR camera. I would highly recommend Ida to those who wants to learn more about DSLR and improved photography. – Shalz

Ida Larsson is a talented photographer, with the eye of an artist, and has a formidable depth and breadth of knowledge of photography. Among her activities is teaching, to which activity she brings a positive personality and a deft and successful approach to giving each student what they need and want. She owns the “White Lynx” Photo Studio, which includes a photography school. Details can be seen on the web site. The whole course was modified in response to my needs. I can certainly recommend the course to you, because Ida has ample expertise to tailor it to your very own needs. – Bruce Calvert